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National Road Transport

In Germany, road transportation provides more than 80% of the total transport volume.

In this manner, the well-established port industry has been ascribed a significant role in Northern Germany. Worth mentioning are the ports of Brake, Cuxhaven, Emden, Leer, Nordenham, Oldenburg, Papenburg, Stade, and Wilhelmshaven, alongside the strong economic ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven and Hamburg. Taken together, those ports of Lower Saxony achieve almost as much of the transhipment volume as the ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven. Along with handling container, additional goods are being dispatched such as products of the automobile and wind energy industry.

BEYER Transport + Logistik GmbH offers reasonably priced transport operations in order to connect business in economic centres throughout Germany.

We provide the following business activities for merchandise traffic within Germany:
  • Loading of goods throughout Germany
  • Handling of partial and full loads at favourable conditions
  • Nationwide system service for general cargo every 24 h and 48 h
  • Daily delivery and collection at all freight stations at German ports
  • Across transport troughout Germany
  • Courier and express services
  • Procurement logistics

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